“May all beings have happy minds.”
– The Buddha


Kate HanleyHi, I’m Kate Hanley, a mindset and mindfulness coach and the author of A Year of Daily Calm and The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide. I help busy people think differently about the things that stress them out.

One of my favorite things to hear people say is, “I’ve never thought of it that way before.” Because I know that when you start thinking differently, you invite all kinds of wonderful things to bloom in your life—more money, better relationships, improved health, more feeling fabulous.

That’s why I’ve partnered with 12 of my very favorite authors and experts who also help people think differently about all kinds of things—your body, your business, your kids and everything in between–to bring you Master Tools to Change Your Mind Giveaway.

Each of us is contributing a gift for you–whether it’s an audio, a video, a PDF, it’s something specially designed to open your mind about an important part of your life. That means there are 13 presents for you to open–add them all together and you’ve got yourself a real awakening!

After all, it’s spring. The trees are budding, the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming. This season of transformation applies to you too!

My intentions in creating this giveaway are to:

  • Help you let in some new perspectives on the things you care the most about so that you can start creating some really cool changes in your life.
  • Introduce some of my favorite people to each other and to you.

It’s sort of like hosting a virtual cocktail party where you end up chatting with someone who shares some tidbit that sticks with you long after you’ve left. Heck, maybe it even changes your life.

Wanna come?


Each expert was hand selected by me…because I know them personally and can vouch for their expertise and integrity. These are some of the best peeps in the industry!

I asked them to share “the good stuff” with you – the simplest tools that they know deliver the highest impact, and that you can put into place right away to begin seeing results in your life.

We each spent a lot of time thinking about YOU and what you most need to hear right now—spring is a beautiful, hopeful season but it’s also a major transition, and we humans typically don’t deal well with transitions! It’s tempting to just stay so busy that you don’t have to even think about what’s not working in your life and just keep pushing forward.

But transitions are powerful. They are loving invitations from the universe to get rid of what you no longer need and welcome in just the things you need to get to the next level. This giveaway is chock full of these things—and they are all FREE!

Get a sneak peek at your gifts…

  • The Power of Mindset to Change Your Health, an audio interview with Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement.
  • A List-Making Starter Kit from Paula Rizzo, author of Listful Thinking
  • The Story Effect, guidance on crafting an unforgettable story from Nikki Groom of
  • 7 Principles of Dating from Rita Goodroe, dating coach
  • A Guided Walking Meditation from Jonathan FitzGordon, founder of Core Walking
  • The 5 Things the Most-Balanced Women Do from Susie Schnall, founder of The Balance Project
  • The 7 Choices You Don’t Even Know You’re Making, from me, your host
  • Plus many more!

And meet your contributing experts:

Katy Bowman Katy Bowman
Biomechanist Badass
Brett Blumenthal
Brett Blumenthal
Heather Shumaker Heather Schumaker
Author and Renegade Parenting Expert
Brook Packard Brook Packard
Founder, Sleepytime Club
Jonathan Fitz Gordon Jonathan Fitz Gordon
Founder, Core Walking
Kayt Sukel Kayt Sukel
Author & Cultural Scientist
Rita Goodroe Rita Goodroe
Relationship Coach & Founder of the Women’s Business Garden
Nikki GroomNikki Groom
Chief Storytelling Officer, The F Factor®
Susie SchnallSusie Schnall
Author & Founder of The Balance Project
Jennifer Margulis
Jennifer Margulis
Investigative Journalist
Paula Rizzo
Paula Rizzo
Author/Productivity Coach/Senior TV Health Producer
Terri Trespicio
Terri Trespicio
Brand Booster. Butt Kicker.

Master Tools to Change Your Mind will be live for ten days only (May 2 – May 11) – so be sure to grab your gifts now! There’s a minimum of one life-changing idea in here for you—don’t miss it!

You can pick and choose the gifts that interest you the most — just a few or the whole shebang. It’s up to you. =)

Start downloading your free resources by entering your first name & email address. This special event ends May 11, 2016 — so don’t delay!