I BELIEVE to-do lists are for suckers.

I BELIEVE that when you take time out to sit still, you turbo-boost your ability to be productive.

I BELIEVE you can have what you want. In fact, I believe that pursuing what you want is the most important thing you can do.

I BELIEVE that getting your mind and body working together on some task is the best way to hear your intuition.

I BELIEVE in singing your brains out in the car.

I BELIEVE your gut never lies.

I BELIEVE you can have a robust mind-body practice in only 2 minutes a day.

I BELIEVE the best gift you can give your kids is letting them see you share your innate, unique talents with the world.

I BELIEVE listening to your gut will always get you exactly where you need to be.

I BELIEVE authenticity is the ultimate character trait.

I BELIEVE the one full breath you take when you notice yourself becoming annoyed by something is a more powerful practice than 90 minutes of vigorous yoga.

I BELIEVE in small daily doses of mind-body practice, dark chocolate, and red wine (unless it’s summer, in which case I believe in rosé).

I BELIEVE you don’t need to own yoga pants in order to be a yogi.

I BELIEVE in saying what you think.

I BELIEVE in investing in yourself.

I BELIEVE in hugs.

I BELIEVE that when you are true to yourself, you make it possible for the people around you to be true to themselves too. Not because you told them to. Just because they saw you doing it and realized, “Hey, I could do that too.”

Did I mention that I BELIEVE authenticity is the schiz?