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megaphoneI spent a lot of years not really having an opinion, saying “whatever” a lot, and ducking pointed questions about what I thought about something in particular. I was trying to flexible, to go with the flow, keep the peace.

Bleh! It’s no fun, keeping yourself in the dark about how you really feel just for the sake of not ruffling any feathers.

When an old habit, pattern, or train of thought is holding you back, you’ve got to give yourself a new experience to bust out of it. And a great way to have that new experience is to do the opposite of that pattern.

So I wrote a manifesto.

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Crawling Out of the Vacation Hole

My family and I had a great holiday break, we really did. We spent tons of time together. We made blanket forts. Did puzzles. Went bowling. Went sledding. Baked. I made chicken stock and even homemade mustard. I also managed to take 2 naps with my 2-year-old—one of them in his 4-foot-long toddler bed. (I didn’t regain my full height for a good 8 hours, but it was worth it!)

mustard  Sledding  Scott and Teddy at Doherty’s

And yet, we also devolved. I lost track of how many days it had been since the kids’ last bath – or my last shower, to be honest. After being gluten-free for months, I went on a wheat flour binge on New Year’s Eve day. I had only a couple of sessions on the yoga mat. It took me several attempts over three days to write a blog post that in the end still didn’t make any sense. It felt like my brain grew cobwebs.

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You’re invited to one helluva party…

Party HatIt’s almost 2013 and it’s time we turned the world on its head.

This is a call to every woman, everywhere, ready to

  • ignite your passion,
  • turn up the heat on your pleasure and
  • tap into your magnificent, miracle-making feminine power

Every woman, everywhere, who’s done playing a wallflower to life.

Are you ready?

Let’s do it.

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Dear Universe, These Are My Plans: I’m Going to Kate’s Yoga Playhouse

Dear UniverseCan you hear it? It’s the sound of the chapter closing on 2012. I’ve been yearning to take stock of the past 12 months and do some big-picture planning for 2013, but had been finding all kinds of excuses to put it off. You know the drill – emails to return, calls to make, noses to wipe, Homeland season finales to watch.

I know enough to know that all the excuses are a sign of resistance. Here are some old ideas that were conspiring to keep me from outlining my calendar:

I’ve never been much of a planner – I’ve leapt from lily pad to lily pad most of my life, jumping from well-paying corporate jobs to non-profit gigs with meager earnings, from yoga teacher training to freelance writing. I liked to think that it was just because my mind-body practice gave me a hotline to my gut, which was mostly true. But the flip side of that is that I had a long-held belief that plans just never came true.

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Getting Rid of the Crap That Plagues You

“The problem is not the problem. Your attitude about the problem is the problem.”
– Captain Jack Sparrow

Yard SaleA week ago, I was having “one of those days.” I was working like crazy, but couldn’t finish anything – my audio recorder kept crashing, I lost a draft of a newsletter, no one was answering the calls I needed to make. I know you’ve had those days, am I right?

I was really feeling under the gun, because I had an afternoon out of the office planned: I had scheduled a networking tea and a massage. What had sounded like such a good plan the week before (“take Tuesday afternoon off to make space for inspiration”) was suddenly seeming like a really bad idea.

Typically, if a day goes haywire I can do a little catch-up work at night after the kids go to bed. But this night, a dear old friend who lives far away was passing through town and coming over for dinner and grown-up hang time. There was no way I was going to get any work done for the rest of the day.

Here’s how my thoughts were running an hour before I was scheduled to leave: “I’ve got to get something finished before I leave.” “This day will be a waste if I don’t get this done!” “I can’t possibly stick to my plans.” “Holy sh*t, this day is a trainwreck!” Read more…

Let’s Play a Word Game: I Say “Safe,” You Say…

To keep oneself safe does not mean to bury oneself.” – Lucius Anneaus Seneca

“It is when we all play safe that we create a world of utmost insecurity.” – Dag Hammarskjold

safetyThe word “safe” has some really great connotations – cozy, protected, out of danger. What’s not to love?

I’ll tell you what’s not to love.

Making safety one of your top priorities means you gravitate toward the status quo. You avoid change of any sort simply because it’s different, and who knows if that new reality will be “safe”? Which means you also avoid growth. After all, everything is changing all the time. The universe expands a little every day by its very nature. If you’re trying to hold yourself in the same spot while everything around you slowly evolves, it’s going to become quite painful to try and stay where you are.  Read more…

4 Ways to Have a More Peaceful Evening

When my kids were very small, as in ages 2 and 0, dinner was my daily dose of insanity. I got so stressed cooking and plating the food, cajoling bites into little mouths, doing it all in a timely manner so we didn’t miss their insanely early bedtimes, and then cleaning everything up after. Blech! I hate to even think about it.

That’s why writing this post for Gaiam on how to take the crazy out of those evening hours was so gratifying. Hope you enjoy it — and I’d love to hear in the comments either here or there about how you bring a sense of tranquility to the dinner-bed-bath rodeo!

4 Ways to Have a More Peaceful Evening

Where There’s a Want, There’s a Way

I’ve got a new favorite saying: “Where there’s a want, there’s a way.” I made it up – well, actually, it came to me when I was meditating one day. And it means that whenever you have a true desire for something, no matter how big or outlandish seeming, you also have all the means available to you to make it a reality.

Lately, this belief has been proving itself around our new house. (That’s her in the photo.) I think just one look will explain to you why I like to call it “Home sweet homely.”

Let’s be honest: She’s not currently, nor was she when we first lay eyes on her, a beauty. When my husband and I first saw this house, she was covered in vinyl siding in a color that our realtor so delicately called “cloudy urine.” She had creepy, overgrown, cobweb-strewn evergreen trees crowding out her stairs. And she had doo doo-brown shutters. Read more…

If I Listen to My Gut, What If I Don’t Like What I Hear?

I’ve been hearing these type of thoughts from my clients and potential clients a lot in the last week or so:

“I’m scared to see what I’ve been avoiding.”

“I’m afraid I’ll realize I’m in the wrong job or relationship.”

“It would be easier just to stay in my old bad habits, because then I know what to expect.”

I understand these thoughts. I really do. Read more…

Listening Meditation: Those Suh-Hummer Nigh-hights!

Think crickets, the first cool breezes, a big ole moon…

It’s amazing that I recorded this only a few weeks ago. It already feels like a different lifetime.


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