Some Uplifting Goodies For You

clear conscious giveawayIt’s March, change is in the air (hallelujah!), and I can’t think of a more perfect time than now for all of us to start bringing some of that change into our lives!

Today I’m delighted to extend a personal invitation to you to join me and my favorite colleagues, offering our most special and beloved tools, programs, and support to help you to get clear on what you want, need, and how to get it.

The Clear, Calm, and Conscious Gift Giveaway is your very own store for everything you could possibly desire to support you and get you feeling nourished, grounded, and inspired, and the best part is, all of the programs, recordings, e-books and workbooks we’ve collected are yours–no money required!

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Oh, The Inconvenience of It All

inconvenientWhen you start to want to live your life fully instead of opting for death, you discover that life itself is inconvenient…you again and again encounter the inconvenience of your own uptightness, your own headaches, your own falling flat on your face. But in wholeheartedly practicing and wholeheartedly following the path, this inconvenience is not an obstacle. It’s simply a certain texture of life, a certain energy of life.

Since you are wholeheartedly committed to the warrior’s journey, [inconvenience] pricks you, it pokes you. It’s like someone laughing in your ear, challenging you to figure out what to do when you don’t know what to do. It humbles you. It opens your heart.” – Pema Chodron, in Comfortable with Uncertainty

Here are a few things that are just so gosh-darned inconvenient:  Read more…

When It Isn’t Funny Anymore

grease fireTwo weekends ago, I sort of set fire to the house.

Well, technically, I started a grease fire in the oven when I was broiling steaks. I wondered why black smoke was pouring out of the vent, went to open the door of the oven and nearly singed my eyebrows on the fiery dance happening in there. Black soot was covering everything, the house filled up with smoke, the smoke alarm went off, the kids were crying.

Up until that point, I had been trying to see the humor and the good throughout the snowiest February in Rhode Island history, my husband’s surgery to repair his broken ankle, my single motherhood due to his incapacitated state. But this was the proverbial straw. I started to think maybe we needed some other grown up to move in to the house and steer the ship for a while. I felt like I couldn’t trust myself.

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UPDATE: I Cashed That Check

Kate - workoutLast fall, I wrote about how I had a vision of getting paid by a brand to spread the message of staying connected to what’s true to you, even in the midst of your vida loca.

You can read that post — titled “I Can’t Wait to Cash the Check” here.

I’m so happy to share an update: I am now blogging for Acacia TV. And I just cashed my first check! Can I get a whoop whoop?

Acacia has a beautiful catalog that sells clothes, furnishings, jewelry, garden supplies and gifts, all with an eco-friendly bent. They also produce great fitness DVDs and stream workouts (by the likes of Shiva Rea) online at Acacia TV. I am thrilled to be working with them, because we share a dedication to helping people do the things that matter to them – get fit, get quiet, get right. And they know that true wellness goes way beyond calories in and calories out – they’ve got a whole section of their website dedicated to all things Mind-Body, and that’s where I come in. =)  Read more…

There Is No Such Thing as “Too Late”

There Is No Such Thing as “Too Late”How many items on your to-do list have been on there for days, or even weeks?

When you look at your to-do list and see something that’s been on there for a long time now, how good do you feel about that?

I’m guessing not very.

There are so many ways we beat up on ourselves. One of those ways is a sense of urgency—a fear of missing our moment, losing out on opportunities or being too slow.

The key word in that last paragraph is fear. Anytime fear is in the driver’s seat, you’re headed for a cliff. And the sad part is that we head for the rails when there is no real peril.

Because here’s a truth for you: There is no such thing as “too late.” (Click to Tweet!) If you’re not acting on something, it’s because on some level it’s not in alignment with what you want.

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A Beautiful Mindset

brainPeople, the last three weeks I have been going through it.

First, my husband slipped on ice and shattered his ankle the night of a blizzard. We spent a week learning he’d need surgery, plates, screws, the whole thing, and then waiting for the swelling to go down so he could be put back together. He’ll be off his feet for weeks, not in a shoe until April. There was a lot of head-wrapping-around to do. And meals to be made, dishes to be done, wee ones to put to bed. Plus shoveling. Lots of shoveling. With a couple of snow days, with the kids home from school, thrown in for good measure.

The next week, Scott had his surgery as an outpatient and came home to recover. Those were three of the most agonizing days of my life, I swear, as either his pain level was at a 9.5 or he was so whacked out on meds that he would pass out on the floor for hours at a time in a cold sweat. Plus, we got another foot of snow. A run to the pharmacy to pick up what-would-hopefully-be a magic pill was an epic journey, as all roads were reduced to one lane and people’s patience with snowy conditions had run out. It was 15 degrees out and I was reeking from stress sweat. Did I mention the two snow days?

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Growth Can Be So Annoying

growing painsSeveral weeks ago, I upgraded my four-year-old phone for an iPhone 6. You’d think it would be like going from black and white to Technicolor, a veritable extravaganza of wonders and delights.

Except I couldn’t figure out how to work the danged thing.

The keyboard was just different enough that typing anything coherent was a challenge; I felt the way I had in the late 90s when I traveled to Europe and tried to send emails from various Internet cafes and all my letters had strange accents and umlauts over them. I tried using Siri to talk out my texts but didn’t know how to tell her to send them, so important communications didn’t arrive and people were left wondering what the heck I was thinking.

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When Getting Sick Is A Good Sign

When Getting Sick Is a Good SignNow that we’re entrenched in cold and flu season, I though it might be a good time to talk about how, sometimes, getting sick is actually an excellent development.

For instance, a couple weeks ago I did two things that I was supremely excited about – one was a day-long planning seminar and the other was appearing on my local morning news program, The Rhode Show.

Planning has never been one of my strengths, so it was very different for me to dedicate a full-day to mapping out the year ahead. And let me tell you, it felt good. I saw that I didn’t have to carry around all my ideas all the time, to the point that I felt like I should somehow be working on all of them all the time. Not that I ever could, mind you, but only having them in my head made them all feel urgent. I was LOVING be able to look at a 12-month calendar and see what the biggest priority for each month was, and knowing that I’d factored in important events in my and my family’s life so I wasn’t planning to attend a conference the same time that my son would be starting kindergarten and would likely be in need of some extra love and attention.

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You Are Already an Expert

mug expertI’m so happy to finally be able to announce one of the projects I’ve been working on…it’s a book for National Geographic Books called A Year of Daily Calm. It will be out at the end of 2015, and it’s a day-by-day guide to creating more peace in your life. I’m beyond thrilled about it!

I’m also excited that I can announce it because while working on it, something happened that led to an insight, and wow do I love to share me some insights. =)

I was writing about the benefits of heart-opening yoga poses, and went to go do a Google search to confirm what I was writing. And wouldn’t you know, I did three separate searches using slightly different keywords, and each time, an article that I wrote came up toward the top of the list. For a minute I was frustrated – I really wanted to find something from an “expert”!

Ha. Well played, universe, well played.

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How to Re-Combobulate

snow tubingIs it just me, or is everyone poking their heads out into the bright light of post-holiday life and blinking, slightly stupefied, like naked mole rats emerging from a hole in the ground?

There’s a general sense of discombobulation: I’ve noticed strange traffic patterns, as if people had forgotten how to get to work and school. And unusual emotional outbursts, like when my son came into the bathroom this morning while I was drying my hair with tears in his eyes, “Mommmmeeee, I m-m-m-miss New Hampshire!!!” (where we spent the weekend, skiing and—our favorite—snow tubing!).

I am right there with you—this work year got off to an out-of-the-norm start: I spent yesterday at a “Create Your 2015 Profit Plan” seminar led by the amazing and inspiring Dana D’Orsi, a business coach I am so happy to have connected with right here in my home state of Rhode Island. Then this morning I rolled up bright and early at our local morning news program, “The Rhode Show” to share tips on how busy women can take more time for themselves (you can see the clip here!). Read more…

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