Stress Less: Stop Stressing and Start Living

Stress is an unavoidable part of our modern, hectic lives. But what if there were simple techniques you could use to restore your calm stat whenever life starts to feel overwhelming? Whether it’s a simple stretch or a visualization exercise, each brief activity in Stress Less is designed to bring you back to your center in minutes.” — HStress Less High Res

I highly recommend you pick up Kate Hanley’s new book, Stress Less. This charming paperback includes ideas to suit every personality and every situation. Pick the book up and flip to almost any page and you’ll find an idea that will help you get more relaxed and centered. Ah!” —

“Stress Less is a lovely little book … including an inspirational quote from everyone from the Dalai Lama to Dolly Parton. The mindfulness exercises are easy to incorporate into everyday life, and I have introduced the book to my children as well.” — Girl in a Boy House

Some things I hear people say over and over are, “I wish I could be more Zen” or “I need to learn how to let things go.” I wrote this book so that when you have moments that make you feel this way, you’ll have something to reach for that can remind you what to do to feel better, think more clearly and be more connected to what’s true for you–even if you only have a couple minutes.

Everything in this book has been tested and proven by me in my own life and in my client’s lives. They work whether your stress levels have risen because you’ve just had to wrestle your 6-year-old into some clothes because he didn’t want to go to school or because you’ve got too much on your plate at work and need help focusing.

Stress Less Interior Sample

The book itself is little–it can fit easily in your purse, your glove box, or in the drawer of your bedside table. And the exercises included are suitable for all levels. Whether you think you’re too busy, stressed, or ADD for any kind of mind-body practice, you can’t mess these up.

Think of this book like the angel sitting on your shoulder, reminding you that you do know what to do, you can handle whatever you’re facing, and it’s all going to be OK.


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