Kate’s Yoga Playhouse

Kate’s Yoga Playhouse

One mind-blowing day that’s just the kick in the pants you need to slow down, get real, and get right in your mind, body, and spirit

You’ve really got to do something to geYoga Retreatt less stressed! You’ve been over-reacting to the littlest things lately – losing patience with the kids and snapping at your husband. And it’s been so long since you thought about the big things – like, say, your happiness – that you’ve practically forgotten about them.

But you haven’t completely lost sight of the big picture. The wisest part of you knows you’ve been letting yourself off the hook; distracted by endless to-do lists, Facebook, and everyday dramas. That part of you is called your gut, and it has quite a lot to say about how you spend your time, what you value, and how you take care of yourself.

Tell your inner wisdom that you’re listening, and join me for a one-day retreat that uses a magical mix of basic yoga, beginner’s meditation, space for reflection, and coaching to help you slow down, breathe deep, move your body, and give your gut a megaphone.

It’s like spring-cleaning for your psyche!

Here’s a short video from me to tell you a little more about it. :)

What We’ll Do:

  • Some active yoga (my yoga style is basic, and appropriate for all levels!)
  • Some restorative yoga
  • Some meditating
  • A little hiking
  • A little talking

You Also Get:

  • A 10-minute, one-on-one speed coaching session with me
  • A delicious, healthy lunch
  • Plenty o’ snacks and tea
  • Two words: GIFT BAG!!

How You’ll Feel When You Leave:

  • Deliciously relaxed
  • Inspired
  • Connected – to yourself, your life, and others
  • Unable to remember exactly why you were so stressed when you showed up that morning
  • Empowered to keep the good juju we’ll create going once you’re back home

The Logistics:

DATE: Friday, March 21, 2014

TIME: 9 – 4:30 PM

If you have kids, you’ll be home for bedtime, and what a different bedtime it will be.

LOCATION: Shanti Yoga at Five Bridge Inn, Rehoboth, Mass. (12 miles from Providence, 40 miles south of Boston)


ACCOMMODATIONS: Lovely rooms available for lovely rates at the Five Bridge Inn


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Here’s what previous participants have said:

“What a wonderful feeling …. During the retreat I relaxed and slowed down. I felt more calm and peaceful. I was also surprised how much fun I had! It really made me realize that I need to slow down more in my life, recharge, and get in touch with my intuition.


“Kate turns on a light in your attic.”


“Kate you are amazing! After our time together, I felt all the stress had drained out of my body. You have an elegant way getting us feel freer and more peaceful.”


“The things we did were down to earth and easy to understand. Kate provided lots of alternatives that were really enjoyable in case you aren’t a yoga gumby. I learned that mind-body practice isn’t hard and there’s no reason I shouldn’t be implementing it into my daily life. I really love Kate’s clear and simple instruction, and the fact that as a yoga instructor she doesn’t carry an air of superiority around.”


“I can see that I can really find those quiet moments and shift out of my busy thoughts and into a quiet, neutral place.  How cool is that!


I would do this retreat again in a heartbeat.”


Refund policy: We are happy to refund 50% of your payment up until March 7th, 2013 — the other 50% may be applied to a future event or service of MsMindbody, LLC. After March 14th, there is no refund, but 100% of your payment may be applied to a future event or service of MsMindbody, LLC. In the case of extreme weather, illness, or other unforeseen circumstance, the event will be postponed and all registrations will be honored at the later date. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled event, we offer a 50% refund — the other 50% may be applied to a future event or service of MsMindbody, LLC. Registration is transferable to another individual at any time.