How can you get 5 minutes of peace in the midst of the daily grind?

Discover simple, powerful ways to unwind, refresh, & bring your best

Kate Hanley is the go-to source for stress relief that’s real and relevant to modern life.

Kate is a yoga teacher, a well-respected journalist, a mom, and the author of The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide. She combines a deep knowledge of formal mind-body practices such as yoga, meditation, and breathwork; a passion for getting people who think they’re too busy to relax to try a little mindfulness; and a unique ability to keep it light, compelling, and fun.

Kate’s popular workshops & brown-bag lunches cover:

  • Time-tested ways to get — and stay — Zen in just minutes a day
  • 30-second stress relievers that take the edge off, fast
  • Stretches and yoga poses to counteract the physical toll of consuming jobs (including motherhood)
  • Simple ways to weave peace-promoting practices in to a typical day so you can be more present, effective, and satisfied


Kate’s presentations to groups of all sizes — from Hewlett-Packard to new Moms’ groups — have drawn rave reviews:

“Kate was a fantastic presenter for our audience of over 175 attendees. Her creative techniques for those ‘attached’ to their desks were immediately applicable and easy to implement. Our employees were so grateful to have her share her wisdom–she has a devoted group of followers at HP!!” — Shawna Corden, Hewlett-Packard

And here’s what happy attendees have had to say:

  • “Kate’s ideas are simple, practical, and effective.”
  • “The suggestions were a great way to relieve stress within our very busy workdays and outside work too!”
  • “Thanks Kate, I feel better already.”

Reach out to kate [at] msmindbody.com to book Kate and help your group find 5 minutes (and more!) of peace. Every day.