Stress Relief for the Real World

As a speaker I combine a journalist’s ability to tell a story based on research and personal experience with the insights of a yoga teacher and a mindset coach who has a proven track record of helping busy people stop stressing about the things that don’t matter so they can do more of the things that do matter. I also keep it light, compelling, and fun.


Popular talks:

  • Meaningful Ways to Reduce Stress at Work
  • Avoid Burnout: Get More Done While Taking Less of a Toll
  • A Year of Daily Calm: Simple Ways to Invite Serenity in to Your Life, To Stay
  • How I Stopped Hating My Husband and You Can Too


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Kate Hanley


“Kate was a fantastic presenter for our audience of over 175 attendees. Her creative techniques for those ‘attached’ to their desks were immediately applicable and easy to implement. Our employees were so grateful to have her share her wisdom–she has a devoted group of followers at HP!” — Shawna Corden, Hewlett-Packard

“Everyone had a great time and everyone looked super relaxed. ‘Yoga for Desk Jockeys” is definitely something I would recommend for other companies.” — Erica Massey, Tax Senior at LGC+D

“People are still talking about the things they learned at Kate’s presentation, and it’s been nearly eight years!” — Lara Asher, Acquisitions Editor, Globe Pequot Press

Reach out to me at kate [at] msmindbody.com to bring some bite-sized serenity to your group.