What’s a Ms. Mindbody?

What’s a Ms. Mindbody?

A Ms. Mindbody has the wisdom to know what her body, mind, and soul need to be healthy, and the dedication and the generosity to do those things. Even if it only consists of two minutes a day, a Ms. Mindbody has a practice. 

What’s a practice?
A practice is something you do that bridges the gap between mind and body and reminds you of the incredible person you are at your core. It can be something formal – such as yoga or mediation – or informal – such as gardening, knitting, cooking, or playing with your dog. It can be one of these things on one day and something different the next. It is something you commit to, even when you think you don’t have time.

In short, a regular practice makes you more effective at what you do, and helps you make the difference in the world you—and only you—are here to make.

When you commit to being a Ms. Mindbody, you will…

  • Learn to ignore that voice that says you really need to pick up something for dinner, write that email, or schedule that appointment before you take a few minutes for yourself. It’s such an important skill. (P.S., it also feels fantastic.)
  • Remember to trust that after you do your two (or 5, or 10, or 20) minutes of practice, everything else will flow more easily—you’ll get done what needs to get down with less drama because you’ll have more clarity, more confidence, and a general sense of anything-is-possible.
  • Be a better parent. You’ll be less likely to shout and better equipped to lead them from your heart and not from some external expectation of how you “should” parent them. You’ll also model vital sanity-saving skills to your kids.
  • Do better work while taking less of a toll on your health.
  • Have more moments when your heart will swell with happiness, contentment, gratitude, compassion.
  • Feel less beaten down and more alive. You will shine. People will ask you your secret and they won’t believe you when you tell them the simple things you did—and continue to do—to effect this change. (That’s OK. Send them here and they can get on the path too.)
  • Get better about sensing when you’re headed into a ditch, and make changes in your schedule and self-care accordingly. You’ll be less likely to get sick, burned out, or totally depressed.

I know you’re busy…
…and I get that something else always feels more pressing. I’ve been practicing yoga regularly for 16 years, and nearly every single time I try to talk myself out of going to class (in my life pre-kids) or rolling out the mat in my over-sized closet (in my current incarnation as work-at-home-mom—hey, it’s a room with floorspace and a door, although the kids always come in and crawl under and over me anyway, bless their hearts). Every single time.

I’m a Ms. Mindbody, even though many times my entire practice consists of a single yoga pose. But you know what? It not only still counts, it’s incredibly powerful. (Read my post on how two minutes in child’s pose completely changed the dynamic between my daughter and me during bedtime.)

Why Ms.?
Ms. is modern, it’s independent, and it’s never, ever boring. Plus, it’s a little bit tough. (Think of that line from Janet Jackson’s song Nasty: “Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty.”) Because, while it doesn’t take a ton of skill, physical energy, or time to start using simple mind-body practices to make your life sweeter, it does take resolve.

Also, Ms. is not about husbands, boyfriends, partners, or kids. It’s about you. Just you. And when you focus on you, you set the stage for better relationships in all facets of your life.

If you want to be a Ms. Mindbody but are a little intimidated, remember:

Small and short efforts add up to
big and lasting changes

Also, there are many ways to get started. You can find the one that feels right to you right now.

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